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semiconductor Porous chuck

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A semiconductor porous chuck is a specialized type of chuck used in the semiconductor manufacturing process to secure wafers or other substrates. This chuck features a surface made of porous material with tiny holes through which vacuum or gas is delivered to hold the wafer in place. The porous chuck offers the advantage of securely holding wafers without causing damage, especially in sensitive processes. Here are the key features of a semiconductor porous chuck:

  1. Porous Structure: The surface of the chuck has tiny holes that allow the passage of vacuum or compressed gas under the wafer to secure it.

  2. Uniform Support: The porous chuck provides uniform support across the wafer, minimizing deformation or damage.

  3. Suitable for Precision Processes: It is ideal for use in precision processes that handle fine structures or layers.

  4. Temperature Control Capabilities: Some porous chucks are equipped with temperature control features, allowing for the regulation of wafer temperature during processes.

  5. Maintaining Cleanliness: The porous structure facilitates the removal of debris between the chuck and the wafer, minimizing contamination during the process.

Semiconductor porous chucks are primarily used in lithography, etching, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and other semiconductor processes, playing a crucial role in securing wafers safely and effectively for precise manufacturing.